Review of “Cupid Has a Heart On” from October 2017 – “Di Billick stole most scenes she was in.”

Di and her group Unlikely Company on the cover of the January 2017 issue of Where Chicago Magazine:

Di & Unlikely Company in Where Chicago Magazine


AMC Network Press Release – IFC Partners with NYTVF to bring Dandy Boy’s “Blackouts” to Comedy Crib: Press Release -Stage 773 Names New Resident Ensemble: Di Billick’s sketch comedy group, Unlikely Company, named new resident ensemble

Di Billick on IMDB

WGN Radio – Pretty Late With Patti Vasquez with Dandy Boy – Di’s comedy group Dandy Boy is interviewed by Patti Vasquez

Five Jerks Trying to Make You Laugh – Di Billick puts her life on stage – Di is interviewed by Ryn Seidewitz about being in comedy in Chicago and growing up on the south side

Daily Grindhouse – No-Budget Nightmares – ‘I Hate Raccoons’ An Interview with Director Eric Richter – Director Eric Richter talks about “I Hate Raccoons”, starring Di Billick and Michael Carey

Di Billick on So Many Bits, Talking Final Fantasy! – Di Billick guest hosts on So Many Bits, nerding out about her favorite game series

Sketch Comedy: Brian Posen and Unlikely Company – Di’s comedy group Unlikely Company is interviewed on WGN Radio and performs songs from their various sketch comedy shows

Di Billick–Actress, Model, Inspiration – Di is interviewed by the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation about her incurable progressive neuromuscular disease, and what she does to fight it

Di Billick on AWSM Comedy Radio Episode 172

Di Billick on AWSM Comedy Radio Episode 122